Born on April 16th, 1982 in Lubartow. Completed the Primary School in 1997 (Lublin), continuing the education in the Secondary School of Arts in Lublin (class profile – wood carving). In 2002 obtained a title of a woodcarver. Between 2002 and 2008 studied at the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts - Faculty of Sculpture and Performing Art at the Classes of prof. J. Petruk and prof. Wiesław Koronowski. In 2008 obtained a diploma in sculpture and drawing in the Class of Sculpture  (prof. Józef Petruk) and Class of Drawing (prof. Jacek Strzelecki). In 2013, received a Ph.D. in art. In 2007 and 2008 had an internship at the Class of Sculpture (Faculty of Sculpture and Performing Art, Poznan AFA), in which currently work as a lecturer. -Adiunkt - Assistant Professor. Between 2008 ans 2012 worked as a deputy head of Hologram Laboratory at the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts. From 2016 head of sculpture department on Faculty of Sculpture and Performing Arts, Poznan University of Fine Arts) Focused on sculpture, drawing, graphics and design. The author of numerous collective and individual exhibitions.  

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